Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts with the Dinosaurs

Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts with the Dinosaurs

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Matt Dickinson

Paperback in very good condition


Genius inventor Fandango has given the Pop-O-Matic 3000 a time-travelling tweak and birthday girl Gertrude is about to get the gift of her dreams.

Her very own dinosaur.

That’s the plan, but with the Popcorn-Eating Squirrels about, chaos is soon unleashed! Before you can say ‘Triceratops’, the squirrels are running amok 65 million years ago amongst the deadliest predators ever to roam the earth.

There’s a ravenous pack of Velociraptors to be dodged. A baby to rescue. A family to save. An asteroid to be deflected from its deadly collision course.

It’s all in a hungry day’s work for the Popcorn-Eating Squirrels.

And Salty gets his chance to be the (slightly reluctant) hero of the hour.

So get your teeth into this bone-crunching adventure and join the squirrels on their craziest journey yet!