The Zoo & Kings of a Dead World

The Zoo & Kings of a Dead World

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A special bundle of two Jamie Mollart titles in brand new condition worth £20. 

The Zoo

James Marlowe has a gift for selling people things they don’t need. As he strives to meet the demands of rival colleagues, amoral clients and his young family, James has to raise his game. A cocktail of cocaine and alcohol fuels his ambition, but when body and mind can’t take any more, he plunges into a surreal world darker than the one he’s fallen from.

‘A little Mad Men and a lot American Psycho.’ The Skinny

Kings of a Dead World

The Earth's resources are dwindling. The solution is the Sleep.
Inside a hibernating city, Ben struggles with his limited waking time and the disease stealing his wife from him. Watching over the sleepers, lonely Peruzzi craves the family he never knew. Everywhere, dissatisfaction is growing.

'Mollart's intriguing and timely premise is executed with verve - Kings of a Dead World is filmic in its scope.' Alison Moore